Sewing and Other Machineries

Mondol Group has some other special types of sewing machinery like PICOT, FAGOT, Press Button of Prim, Flat Seaming, Smoking, ZIGZAG, FEED-OFF-THE-ARM and ELASTIC INSERTING etc. To conform to perfection, its
Mondol Group has sewing machines of Pegasus, Brother, Kansai Special, and Juki brands with automatic thread cutting, trimming, sucking and other support devices. Including cutting, sewing, trimming, finishing and packaging, the entire garmenting section of Mondol Group. has got all other facilities to ensure tailoring excellence minimizing wastage of fabrics and other resources. Mondol Group has 270 lines of sewing machines. It is now exporting about 500,000 pieces of garments every day.
sewing floors are under constant and continuous surveillance and quality monitoring. It uses CAD for design and pattern making. Each of the three floors has 32,500 sft of space and eight sewing lines.

The apparel finishing section has steam press irons with vacuum tables and other machinery like metal detector from CINTEX and LOCK of UK. It has thread blowing, stain removing and carton box striping etc machineries and equipments as well.

Dyeing Machinery :

For dyeing finishing, Mondol Group has got the world’s latest technology and well-known brand machinery. It uses TUBE-TEX from USA, SANTEX from Switzerland, and Albart from Brazil. It has both open width and tubular finishing facilities. Shade of every lot of the finished fabrics is verified with Data Color matching system. Per day, Mondol Group can dye about 58.00 tons of fabrics.

Its dry dying floor is also equipped with open width machines like Slitting, Stenter and Open Width Compactors from Bruckner of Germany.

The Company has a modern Yarn Dyeing plant having the capacity of 8.00 tons per day.The plant comprise of sophisticated yarn dyeing machines with updated high technology to compete the international standard.

Printing Machinery :

Mondol Group produce world class fabrics printing for the export oriented countries.

The company is capable of printing all specifications in the range from film to screen developments. In pigment, silicon, puff, flock, transfer, glitter, metal stone and rubber printing, it can print 250,000 pieces of garments a day. It is capable of printing in 12 colors.

Embroidery Machinery :

There are more than 27 pieces embroidery machines with 20 heads and other equipment’s available in Mondol Group for production purpose.Around 800 people are using those machines.


Sweater Machinery :

Mondol Group has its own building with beautiful compound and most modern machineries and facilities with production capacity 327,000 pieces per month.

Accessories & Trims Machinery :

Considering the structural and item wise various product range and production capacity, Mondol Group has its one of the largest Accessories manufacturing plant in Bangladesh. The facilities are equipped with state of the art machineries and are backed up with a team of trained and efficient human resources.

Started production with a firm determination to manufacture international standard quality garments accessories. From the inception, the company had a policy to popularize Garments Accessories effectively and distribution regards to the customer demands. As time passed by and we have centralized, our focus on the development of customized new product and productivity, facilities, quality, delivery and controlling system.

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Power Source & Utility

Mondol Group has generator power sub-station capable of producing 3692 KW from PDB and 8954 KW from Gas/Diesel Generator Total 12,310 KW to guarantee smooth and uninterrupted power supply to its every operation on the site.

Total list of utilities is as bellow:

Generator (Gas) 10 MV
Generator (Diesel) 03 MV
Electrification Board 06 MV
Boiler 40 Ton
ETP 03 UNITS (300 m3/hour)
WTP 03 UNITS (300 m3/hour)